A brand new, epic Tom the Dancing Bug book is out! Tom the Dancing Bug: Eat the Poor!

Clover Press has been publishing the fantastic Complete Tom the Dancing Bug collection of books, compiling the complete comic strip by Boing Boing's own Ruben Bolling. Proceeding in reverse chronological order, The first book released was Volume 7, Into the Trumpverse, compiling all the Tom the Dancing Bug comics from 2016-2019. Then Volume 6, Tom the Dancing Bug Awakens, compiled all the comics from 2012-2015.

The brand new Volume 5, Tom the Dancing Bug: Eat the Poor (compiling 2007-2011), has just been released, and it contains some of Ruben's most incisive, hilarious comics of his career.


Because the volume covers the years of the financial crisis and Great Recession, the cover character is Ruben's "poor little duck who's rich in luck" Lucky Ducky, and his nemesis Hollingsworth Hound. And the issues raised in the book about our broken Capitalism resonate just as loudly now as they did when the comics in the book were published.

But the volume spans just about every theme, character and format in Ruben's diverse arsenal, covering every topic imaginable, including Science…

… social media…

… law…

… and Narratrons.

Ruben's comics have won a bunch of awards and garnered accolades, as shown on the book's back cover.

The volumes also include Ruben's other, non-Tom the Dancing Bug work from the covered years, and Eat the Poor includes an insane two-page Toy Story/Cormac McCarthy mashup comic that was created for The Village Voice.

There are various ways to order Tom the Dancing Bug: Eat the Poor (and the other volumes in The Complete Tom the Dancing Bug program), including signed/sketched copies, at this link.