Gun-lovin' Ron Johnson rushed to take down "mass murder" ad after 4th of July mass shooting

How stupid can Senator Ron Johnson be? Well, stupid enough to record a radio campaign ad in which he says, "The latest mass murder in America didn't involve guns," referring to the 53 migrants who died in a tractor-trailer last week in San Antonio (listen to ad below).

In a country that has seen more than 300 mass shootings this year so far — or more than one per day, according to The Washington Post, how did the Wisconsin Senator think his MAGA-pandering ad would stay relevant? Of course it didn't. In fact, stable genius Johnson, who thinks Covid vaccinations could cause AIDS, had to quickly take down his ad before it even aired — it had been schedule for July 6, two days after the 4th of July mass shooting that killed seven people in Highland Park, IL.

From The Intercept:

The day after the shooting, an executive from one of the companies contracted to produce the campaign radio ad, Katz Radio Group, frantically notified colleagues to suspend it. The following emails were provided to The Intercept by a source close to the Katz Radio Group on condition of anonymity to avoid reprisal.

In an email bearing the subject line "URGENT: Ron Johnson orders," a vice president of sales at Katz Radio Group wrote, "they need the creative pulled ASAP. … If you listened to the spot it talks about mass shootings which obviously is not good creative after this past weekend (especially in Chicago)."

A day later, on July 6, a sales assistant at Cumulus Radio Station Group told colleagues in an email, "The rep for the Ron Johnson orders we entered yesterday is asking we pull the creative ASAP because of the nature of the message and how it's a little too close to the mass shooting events over the weekend."