Mobster says James Caan once ordered a "Mafia style" beating of Joe Pesci over unpaid hotel bill

Former Los Angeles mobster and hitman Anthony "The Animal" Fiato claimed in 2006 that James Caan ordered him to administer a "mafia-style hit" to actor Joe Pesci for not paying an $8,000 hotel bill. Fiato says Caan ordered the beating in 1982. A spokesperson for the late Caan claimed no such thing happened, but Fiato says the incriminating conversation was recorded by the FBI.

From The Guardian:

When his brother Ronnie was held at gunpoint by gangsters, Caan enlisted the help of his mafia pal Anthony "the Animal" Fiato. Caan arranged to meet and pay the kidnappers, then arrived with Fiato and his crew with guns and baseball bats. On another occasion, the FBI intercepted a phone conversation between Fiato and Caan concerning the actor Joe Pesci. Caan asked his friend to "take care" of Pesci after learning about an unpaid $8,000 bill from Pesci's stay at a friend's Miami hotel.

From Radar:

"Jimmy can say he's a friend of Pesci's now. But he can't deny that at one time he tried to hurt him. It's on tape," Fiato said, referencing alleged recordings he took of Caan asking him to beat up Pesci.

"We'll get to [Pesci]," Fiato says in the recording, which were given to the FBI and later produced in the 90s when Fiato was forced to testify during a murder trial.

"Good, good," Caan seemingly responds. "We're gonna make him pay."