NumeralJoker's 4-hour feature supercut of "Obi-Wan Kenobi" is brilliant

NumeralJoker's Star Wars supercuts are just fantastic. I find them a better way to experience the story and am shocked with how quickly they are produced after the OG media hits the streets. I am always amazed at how folks come up with better de-aging and other techs than Disney, too, soon after the OG media hits the streets.

This video is for the RotS Supercut. There is no Kenobi trailer, but you get the idea from the description:

This is a single edit for all 6 episodes cut into a long form (nearly) 4 hour feature with minimal content cut out. The only content removed from the episodes are, recaps, titles, and about 45 seconds of footage from the 2 Leia chase scene to restructure them both to be faster paced and less distracting. The episodes are bridged with a mix of wipes or hardcuts matching the editing style of the rest of the show where appropriate. The original audio tracks are preserved as they are wherever possible, with the exception of the second Leia chase, the flashback Hayden duel, and Credits, which I have recut into 6 minute versions using both the official Credits theme and an actual recording of John Willians own conducted version of the Kenobi theme. The edits don't remove any full scenes and there isn't truly any deleted content for me to restore like my other edits, but they function similarly to the Clone Wars/Rebels/Mando/Boba edits where the goal was to turn the show's arcs into feature films.

The Entire Project is simply named "Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi – The Feature Supercut"

Follow the link and the instructions in the post to download a copy.