Old microwave oven deemed superior

But for a few clever tricks, microwave ovens were better in the 1990s, as demonstrated in this video from the Technology Connections channel. Dot matrix displays! DOZENS of options! Built-in recipies for Blue Jigglies, whatever the fuck they are! Popcorn buttons that work, and why!

"It's not like no microwaves on sale today can do some forms of auto-cooking, but I don't know of any mainstream models that are as versatile as this one, let alone as easy to use. Each auto-setting is one touch, and if there are any special instructions they're right there waiting for you. And lest you think this is just dressed-up pre-programmed timers, it's not."

Alec Watson shows off a 25-year old Sharp Carousel model that's plainly superior to most of its modern stablemates and also to the fancy internet-of-things kipple that'll "be bricked in three years when the startup behind it inevitably folds."