Put a new spin on cleaning your home with Deal Days savings on an Elicto spin mop

Let's face it — we could all use some help cleaning. Maintaining a clean and orderly home can almost seem impossible without the proper tools. Dirty floors and carpets can be a real hassle to clean, not to mention they harbor unseen bacteria. Yuck!

But cleaning doesn't have to be such a nuisance! With the Elicto ES-800, you can make cleaning your floors easier and more pleasant. Plus, you can get this five-in-one vacuum spin mop at an exclusive discount as a part of our Deal Days promotion, which runs through July 14.

The Elicto ES-800 is equipped with incredible suction power and unique features that make it practical for vacuuming and mopping. Its automatic water supply system allows wet and dry cleaning, and its dual-spin mop attachment is excellent for both wet cleaning and dust absorption all at once.

The vacuum spin mop also comes equipped with a double H13 HEPA Filter system. It has five additional stages of micro filters to ensure the most efficient dust collection off surfaces while simultaneously preventing the dust from returning to the environment. It also has three-stage button-powered suction control to adjust your settings according to the surface and ensure that you are adequately attacking the mess at hand.

The best part? The filter system also acts as an air-purifying solution in your home. The vacuum collects super fine dust particles and blocks 99% of that fine dust from inside for complete dust relief and air pollution reduction.

Right now, you can get Elicto ES-800 5-in-1 Vacuum Spin Mop for just $219.99, a price you won't find anywhere else. You can purchase one before July 14th as a part of our Deal Days promotion.

Prices subject to change.