The condiment packet gallery is more interesting than you might think

The Condiment Packet Gallery is a digital museum featuring condiment packets of all kinds from throughout the ages. Viewers can browse through photos of condiment packets by kind (barbeque sauce, ketchup, mustard, etc.) and can also view the vintage condiment collection. The collector carefully removes the contents of each packet before preserving them in baseball card cases, and you can watch that process here. I love the way the collection is so meticulously preserved, organized, and displayed on the site. Bravo!

From the site:

I began collecting condiment packets in November of 2003. Initially the purpose of the collection was a more practical one. I came to the conclusion that ketchup was no longer a reasonable thing to spend money on. A handful of packets here and there would do just fine. I began to pick up other condiments as well. I stopped at a variety of locations in order to gather new types of condiments. It was around this time that I discovered how many different condiment packets existed. A collector by nature, the only logical thing for me to do was attempt to get every different packet design I possibly could.
I carefully remove the contents of my packets by making an incision along one of the short seams on the back. (I prefer the righthand or bottom seam.) I rinse the inside of the packets thoroughly to ensure all sauce is expelled. (I employ a drop of dish soap for oily condiments.) I then wait until the packets are completely dry before I place them in baseball card cases to preserve them cleanly and safely for many generations.

My collection has grown quickly since its inception, largely due to generous packet donations from my family and friends. If you think you have a packet that I do not, then please consider sending it to me.