The Terminator franchise refuses to die with the teaser trailer for new survival game

I know I'm quoting a different movie here, but "sometimes dead is better." Since Terminator 2 became one of the most celebrated sequels of its era, there has been no shortage of reboots and sequels aimed at keeping the franchise buoyant enough to remain lucrative. There were a few underrated gems within the deluge of unwanted sequels and spinoffs associated with the Terminator brand. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles garnered a cult following over its brief two-season run that frequently cites the show as the best post-T2 spinoff. However, for the most part, the series has gone over about as well as a fart in church. 

In the video linked above, Terminator migrates to a medium that might suit its premise better than film ever could. Nacon Studio Milan just released the first teaser for a Terminator survival horror game. Hopefully, the game follows in the vein of other survival horror titles that feature classic movie monsters, like Dead By Daylight or Alien: Isolation.