The trailer for Light & Magic shows the origins of the world-famous ILM

You can attribute a ton of modern movie trends to the first Star Wars trilogy. From how Hollywood approaches blockbusters to the endless cavalcade of merchandise associated with a film, Star Wars changed the game in more ways than one. For most fans of filmmaking and the fantasy genre, Star Wars' most important contribution to the film industry was the creation of Industrial Light and Magic. Founded by George Lucas in an attempt to develop special effects for Star Wars, ILM has since become of the most important studios in all of Hollywood, having produced countless classic effects work for several films. 

In the video linked above, Dinsey + unveils the trailer for their new, exclusive documentary that delves into the origins of Industrial Light & Magic. The documentary follows Lucas' early days of founding the studio and tracks the revolutionary work that ILM has done in the film industry throughout its illustrious career.