This mad lad built a commercial pasta dryer for his house

No disrespect to the various cuisines worldwide, but I feel like Italian food is the king. There's no end to the number of amazing dishes that emanate from Italy. Pizza, lasagna, ravioli, and spaghetti are all incredibly delicious meals that, despite containing similar ingredients, seem vastly dissimilar from one another. Plus, they get bonus points for being fun to eat. The act of swirling spaghetti onto my fork hasn't stopped being entertaining since I first started practicing my motor skills. At the risk of being redundant, I'll repeat it, Italian cuisine is king.

Sadly, once I made Italian friends, I realized that my feeble attempts to replicate their cuisine were just that. It didn't matter how many recipes I read online; nothing beat the genuine article that my friend Bobby would whip up with minimal effort. In the years after my introduction to authentic Italian food, I accepted that my variant would forever remain a shoddy replica of the original. If I wanted real Italian, I'd have to marry into the culture or rely on genuine Italian restaurants. If only I could find a way to cut out the middle man.

In the video linked above, the YouTuber Alex is experiencing a similar problem, but on a larger scale. Alex is a cooking nerd that knows how to make delicious Italian food at home, but when it comes to drying his own pasta? Forget about it. Unless you want to burn a couple of grand on a commercial dryer, making homemade dried pasta like tortiglioni or conchiglie rigate is virtually impossible. Unless, like Alex, you're also a fan of engineering and decide to make your own pasta dryer.