An AI illustrates Taylor Swift in the style of different comic book artists

Like a lot of other people, I've been having fun with the AI illustrators that have been popping up — particularly the free service Craiyon, formerly known as DALL•E Mini. So I asked it to draw me a few pictures of Taylor Swift rendered in the style of various popular comic book artists. While the AI might not be sentient, it is still occasionally entertaining.

Consider: Taylor Swift, by Rob Liefeld.

I'm pretty sure I bought this comic back in 1993, or at least I saw it in an issue of Wizard magazine. The bottom left is my personal favorite for its Liefeldian-ness. Overall, I appreciate the lack of feet.

Next up: Jack "The King" Kirby.

A little lacking in the Kirby Krackle, but it's got the right idea with the sci-fi psychedelia. I could see this version of Taylor Swift assaulting the hordes of Apokolips with her sultry New God vocal prowess.

Speaking of trippy sci-fi, here's Taylor Swift as a superhero in the style of Moebius:

This is actually one of my favorites, especially the center-right one. This Taylor Swift got a blank space, baby, to ravage your post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Craiyon also did a great job with Taylor Swift as a superhero in the style of Bill Sienkiewicz:

The center-left one here absolutely looks like it could have been a New Mutants cover in the 80s.

Similarly, these Dave McKean-esque drawings are straight outta some Sandman nightmare:

I also challenged the AI to draw in the style of some more distinct-but-chameleonic artists — and it rose to the challenge pretty well. Here's the ever-shifting art of Chris Bachalo:

And Frank Quitely's bizarre beauty (think All-Star Taylor Swift):

Finally, I tried Greg Land — who's perhaps best known for his photo-realistic tracings of porn star faces. And I gotta say, the AI really captured the horror of his uncanny valley here: