Campaign ad showing Herschel Walker's violent unstable behavior could further endear him to GOP

It's become clear in recent years that GOP voters demand candidates who are hypocritical, abusive liars. So I'm not sure whether or not this campaign ad, which reveals Georgia senate candidate Herschel Walker to be an unhinged, hate-filled spouse abuser with a long history of "violent self-destructive behavior," was produced by Walker's opposition or Walker's campaign. Watch it and decide for yourself.

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker is hoping to cruise into the Senate based on his football career, and that voters ignore his history of unhinged public statements and violent self-destructive behavior, including how he once admitted to putting a loaded gun to his head and pulling the trigger more than half a dozen times.

[Walker, on Howard Stern show]: "I play Russian roulette." [Stern]: "Where were you when you played Russian Roulette?" [Walker]: "I was at home because I love competition so much."

Herschel Walker doesn't want you to know about his long record of domestic violence and how he threatened his ex wife so severely that a judge granted a restraining order against him and even banned him from owning a gun.

[News announcer]: "Her girlfriend said Walker allegedly threatened to blow her head off during a dispute."

And Herschel Walker doesn't want you to know about his violent threats to law enforcement that are so extreme that his therapist had to talk him down from shooting at police officers.

[News announcer]: "The US Senate candidate Herschel Walker talked about having a shootout with police."

Herschel Walker isn't just unqualified for the US Senate. He's dangerous. He's unstable, and he's violent towards women and police. Georgia, stop Herschel Walker, keep him out of the Senate in 2022.

Can you see why this MAGA exemplar has Trump's full-throated endorsement?