Even Bannon gets Trump'd in the back

Steve Bannon's attempts to create havoc and confuse the court over his refusal to testify before the January 6th committee suffered a major blow when the DOJ revealed that Trump's lawyers aren't supporting his otherwise invented claims of executive privilege. Bannon who was simply an outside agitator and no longer an employee of the White House or Trump at the time the insurrection was planned and executed has no leg to stand on.

Bannon is likely the only one surprised by a Trump betrayal.


The former Trump campaign manager is facing two criminal contempt charges from Congress, one for testimony and another for documents requested by the committee. He's set to appear in court on Monday.

What Trump lawyer's told the FBI, however, is that Trump had nothing to do with holding Bannon back from speaking to the House Select Committee. Clark effectively threw Bannon and his lawyer under the bus, and refused to cooperate with the Justice Department in good faith.

In a civil contempt case, Bannon would essentially be put in jail until he agreed to speak. In Bannon's case, however, he is being charged with criminal contempt for refusing to testify, which will still apply whether or not he speaks to Congress and provides the documents requested in the future. So, Bannon claiming he's now willing to cooperate is irrelevant.