Racist Karen harasses Black man for standing in front of his own house (video)

After a Black father and his two kids played Pokemon Go at the park, a racist Karen took it upon herself to follow him home, enter his gated townhouse complex, and accost him. Standing rod-straight with hands on hips, she interrogated him, asking what he was doing standing in front of his own house. "I'm just minding my own business," said Josh Miller, who posted video (watch below) of the harassment on Twitter.

"I don't think you are minding your own business," she sneered. "Why are you standing outside your house, doing what you're doing?"

"I don't think that's any of your concern, what I'm doing," he said, staying remarkably calm.

"Well, you're doin' somethin'."

The ugly confrontation — in which at one point she called him an idiot — lasted for nearly one-and-a-half minutes before she walked away and then amusingly couldn't figure out how to get outside the gate. Talk about idiots.

In his Twitter comments, Miller calls out the alleged identity of the racist, saying she's a neighbor of his, and now many viewers are going to her alleged workplace online to ask how they could employ such a racist creep.

Front page thumbnail image: iQoncept / shutterstock.com