Watch: Fox didn't like Jean-Pierre's answer to Peter Doocy's question, so they faked it

Fox isn't even pretending to be "News" anymore, deleting a key point in one of Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre's responses to reporter Peter Doocy in order to mislead viewers.

When asked by Doocy if President Biden thought it was appropriate for protestors to intimidate Supreme Court justices while they are eating in a restaurant (referring to a crowd of protestors outside of Morton's Steakhouse in D.C. last week where Justice Brett Kavanaugh was dining), Jean-Pierre made it clear that while it is not okay to intimidate anyone, people should be allowed to peacefully protest.

But after the sly-as-a Fox network edited Friday's press briefing, Jean-Pierre's stance suddenly changed like magic.

"In a restaurant?" Doocy asked, about where Biden thought protestors should be allowed to demonstrate.

Fox then cut to Jean-Pierre saying, "If it's peaceful, for sure."

"Really!?" an aghast Doocy said.

But no, not really, Peter — if you compare the first Fox-edited video below to the second unedited video below, where Jean-Pierre actually said, "if it's outside of a restaurant (1:42)," you will see how American propaganda works.