Albuquerque to get statue of TV's favorite meth lord, Walter White

When Detroit got an 11ft Robocop statue it was awesome but also quite horrid, because it glorifies a movie that used the city's misery to illustrate the happy union of urban decay and military-industrial capitalism. It now seems to pops up in the news whenever it is removed from the latest place to realize, for one reason or another, that it does not actually want to house a violent, plodding police cyborg rediscovering its lost humanity. Albuquerque, however, has figured out how to do even better: a statue of Walter White.

More than a decade after the release of the original show, Breaking Bad continues to drive tourism to Albuquerque, not the least because of the show's gorgeous cinematography portraying its stark desert vistas.

The statues will be displayed inside of the Albuquerque Convention Center after being revealed on July 29. The unveiling ceremony is set to include Mayor Keller, Gilligan, executive producer and Better Call Saul co-creator Peter Gould, Emmy Award-winning actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, and special guests.