Enjoy your road trips twice as much with this dashcam deal

Let's be honest, there's something really cool about a dashcam. It can help you to film a trip, or to help out as a witness of an incident. Whatever your reason for having one, a dashcam is a great tool to have at your disposal.

The only issue with dashcams is that they can be prohibitively expensive. They may seem just out of the range of affordability. Fortunately, right now you can purchase the myGEKOgear Orbit 110 Full HD Dashcam on sale for 60% off as a part of our Deals Day promotion when you get one through July 14th.

MyGEKOgear Orbit 110 is matte black and comes with a powerful video processor that records in 1080p resolution. Users can view their footage on the 1.5" LCD screen and easily click into the settings. It also has a CMOS sensor built-in rendering clearer imaging for both day and night. It also comes with a G-sensor built-in which will lock onto any emergency files in the case of the dashcam sensing drastic breaking or a collision. It also comes with an 8GB microSD card and is expandable to 32GB. 

This dashcam is a great piece of technology, and there are plenty of satisfied customers that also feel that way. One verified purchaser particularly enjoyed an unintentional safety side-effect after purchasing myGEKOgear Orbit 110 Full HD Dashcam, saying, "The price is right for the camera; it works great to keep track of your drive. I seem to drive slower now that there is a record of what I'm doing." Another verified customer enjoyed the lower price, saying, "A good deal at $49.99." 

Right now you can purchase myGEKOgear Orbit 110 Full HD Dashcam for just $39.99 when you purchase it before July 14th as a part of our Deal Days promotion. That's marked down 60% from its MSRP of $99.

Prices subject to change.