Testament's "Curse of Osiris" video hits all the right notes

Nothing can ever match the energy of a great metal track. For those that aren't initiated in the ways of metal, the genre can seem either off-putting or inaccessible due to its aggressive sound. To help people drop their aversion to the genre, I usually try to illustrate that metal demands a level of physicality on the listener's end. You can easily listen to EDM without dancing to it, but the genre becomes infinitely more entertaining through the act of dancing. Metal functions similarly. A session of intense headbanging and moshing can help almost any metal song graft itself on the base of your long-term memory. 

In the video linked above, Nuclear Blas Records' YouTube channel has the video for TESTAMENT's song, Curse of Osiris, from their upcoming special edition video album Titans of Creation on Blu-Ray. The song is short, sweet, and brutal enough to turn a sewing circle into a mosh pit.