This guy can look at any Google Map image for 0.1 seconds and immediately figure out where in the world it is

Trevor Rainbolt is the world champion of a Google Map game called GeoGuessr. The object of the game is to look at a Google Street View image and then pinpoint it on a world map. Rainbolt plays GeoGuessr eight hours a day, and he can tell where a photo was taken just by looking at the dirt.

From a Washington Post video:

Dirt and soils are one of the first things you learn in the game, so it's like something that I have always — every single video I've posted, I'm using the soil, regardless. Once you've seen the countries and their soil color, and overall surrounding areas, what the general field looks like, a It's a trained-eye type of thing. Can I describe to you why I think that looked like it was Nigerian soil? Probably not, but it just does.