While attempting to take a selfie, an American tourist fell into Mt. Vesuvius crater

23-year old Phillip Carroll of Maryland survived falling into the crater at Mt. Vesuvius after dropping his cellphone during the daring act. Apparently, in true American Tourist fashion, Carroll and his family had hiked to the crater along a closed trail through a forbidden area. Luckily locals saw the tumble and rushed to help.

USA Today:

"This family took another trail, closed to tourists, even if there was a small gate and 'no access' signs," Cappelli told the outlet.

When the family reached the top of the volcano, the man stopped to take a selfie when his phone slipped out of his hand and into the mouth of the volcano, the outlet reported. He then climbed down into the crater in an attempt to get his phone back, only to fall after losing his balance.

"He tried to recover it, but slipped and slid a few meters into the crater. He managed to stop his fall, but at that point he was stuck," Cappelli told NBC.

Presidio Permanente Vesuvio guides saw what happened with binoculars from the opposite side of the rim and rushed to help the man, The Guardian reported.