A billionaire's bad behavior erodes his EV car maker's popularity

CNN shares that people are getting sick enough of Elon Musk to stop buying his EV cars. It appears too much to ask people to buy into his politics, antics, and Tesla's erratic build quality. Folks are canceling orders and refusing delivery of cars at a time when EV automobiles are wildly in demand.

I enjoy that the gentleman in this quote correctly equates Tesla with Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A.


Steven Kronenberg of California canceled an order for a Tesla solar roof this spring after seeing Musk announce his support of Republicans.
He also said he didn't like seeing Tesla face a lawsuit from a California civil rights agency for its treatment of Black workers.
"If someone wants to spend money at Hobby Lobby, or Chick-fil-A or Tesla, they can do that," Kronenberg told CNN Business. "I have plenty of other options." (Chick fil-A had donated for a time to organizations that were critical of same-sex marriage and Hobby Lobby was at the center of a Supreme Court ruling that the Affordable Care Act couldn't force closely held companies to cover certain contraceptives for employees.)

Tesla isn't the only one of his companies suffering from his leadership. SpaceX employees have clarified their position, and a Neuralink exec is also parenting his twins.