Casey White, inmate who escaped with prison guard lover, charged with murder in her death

Casey White, an inmate in an Alabama jail, was broken out by corrections officer Vicky White. The two, unrelated and reportedly lovers, then went on the run. They were soon found, and after a brief pursuit Vicky shot herself dead and Casey was taken back into custody. Casey has now been charged with her murder, reports CNN.

The indictment alleges Casey White, while committing first-degree escape, "caused the death of Vicky White," who authorities previously said killed herself during a car chase on May 9 after authorities found the pair in Indiana.

White is not accused of shooting her himself. They're pinning her suicide on him on through some whackadoodle legal theory wherein you become vicariously responsibile for something that only becomes a crime when you are vicariously responsible for it. Casey White is already in jail forever (barring future escapes), so it's all just for show.

A felony murder charge indicates the victim died while the accused was committing another dangerous felony, even if the accused did not intend to kill the victim or cause his or her death. Casey White was previously charged with first-degree escape in connection to his jailbreak, and the indictment announced Tuesday accuses him of committing felony murder "during the course of and in furtherance" of that crime, Connolly said.

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