Fox News: UK prime minister Boris Johnson resigned because he was a woke pro-Europe globalist

BoJo resigned after a series of scandals, most prominently his illegal covid lockdown parties at Downing Street and his lying to parliament about them. The latest, though, was triggered by his inability to explain why he forgot about sexual misconduct allegations leveled against a recent key hire to his government.

To Fox News, though, none of this even happened. Boris Johnson resigned because he was a woke globalist in cahoots with the European Union, instead of the British Trump his party and England itself wanted.

Craig Dillon/Thomas Corbett-Dillon, whatever he calls himself:

It's chaos, Tucker, it really is. The short of the story is that we elected Tucker, we elected Boris to be the British Trump. You know, he was going to shake up the system, he was going to deliver Brexit, he was going to stick it to the elites. But he very quickly got sucked in by the globalists' agenda. He spent a lot of time sucking up to Macron and Merkel and he forgot he's a Conservative. As you said, he went very hard on lockdown, very hard on vaccines. He became woke. And then he, you know, signed up fully for this Greta Thunberg idea that the world is ending, which is not what the conservative people voted for. Boris was voted for by a large group of working class voters. It was the first time they'd ever voted for a Conservative politician. And these people want simple things. More jobs, lower taxes, tough on crime, tough on the border, tough on our enemies. But he got sucked into the globalist agenda. Eventually MPs started listening to the people on the ground and realized that this wasn't the leader they wanted anymore.

This may as well be AI-generated gibberish trained on a corpus of downvoted reddit comments. It's so completely divorced from reality that maybe, just maybe, it will offer a "zen stick" moment to someone, somewhere who hasn't realized this is how Fox News reports on everything.

The killer detail here is that the last scandal was caused by Johnson's decision to hire a notorious sex pest as his parliamentary enforcer. Though Johnson was forced out for a multiplicity of reasons, the final straw involved him not being woke enough for the modern Conservative Party.