The Hollywood sign is 99 years old today

With all of the batty news and scandals that emanate from Hollywood regularly, it's hard to look at Tinseltown with the same rose-colored glasses. Hollywood's reputation has taken a tremendous beating since the truth about predators like Harvey Weinstein(and the many celebrities that allowed his reign of terror to exist)as well as the film industry's history of shady business practices. Anyone who was even moderately observant in the past knew that Hollywood wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but the proverbial cracks are now more visible than ever. Despite all the bad press, Tinseltown still has a few historic tourist traps that merit a visit. Take the famous Hollywood sign, for example. 

On this day in 1923, the world-famous Hollywood sign was erected. Initially, the sign read Hollywoodland and even included flashing lights for years. It wasn't until 1949 that the sign changed to its current dimensions. 

It wasn't always so hard to get to the Hollywood sign. In fact, when it was put up in 1923, the builder didn't expect it to be around this long. 

"It was only designed to last a maximum of two years," Zarrinnam said, [but] the sign soon became a beloved icon to residents in Hollywood and the motion picture industry

I find it remarkably fitting for a town built on facelifts and concealed darkness to a boast landmark with a similar history. You know what they say: as above, so below.