This is how someone ends up owing $1,800 for a 12-inch Subway sandwich

An Australian woman had to pay $1,800 ($2,664 AUD) for a Subway sandwich she didn't finish while traveling. She explains that she bought the footlong sandwich at the Singapore airport because she "was a hungry girl" after an 11-hour flight. She ate half of it while still at the airport, saving the rest for her second flight. But then she never ate the rest, which was her big mistake.

"I thought the little declaration thing you do [was] for your carry-ons and your luggage," she said about the declaration form she had to fill out upon arrival in Australia. "So I didn't tick chicken and I didn't tick lettuce." And for that bureaucratic mishap, the unemployed woman was given 28 days to pay up, or else. A hard lesson for her, but an easy one for the rest of us to remember.


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Via Newsweek