Twitch streamer's collection of 724 Nintendo manuals uploaded to Internet Archive

Well-known SNES Twitch streamers Peebs announced the availability of the complete collection of English Language SNES manuals on the Internet Archive. "After digging through the wayback machine for a couple years," he writes, "buying a scanner, making many good friends, and having almost 100 people on the internet submit scans, I can now present to you all: a complete collection of English Language SNES manuals."

From NPR:

Modern games typically have an intro cut scene and a tutorial within the first hour of the game, but older games didn't have the time or the space to include those — hence the manuals.

Nowadays, though, a vintage game complete with a paper manual can be hard to come by. Which is why Hays collected copies of every single Super Nintendo manual in the English language.

The collection is hosted on the Internet Archive and contains upwards of 850 unique Super Nintendo manuals — and it's all free. Hays says he's not in it for the money.