Check out Michael Jai White's fight scene from Toxic Avenger II

Michael Jai White is one of the most underrated talents in Hollywood. The man is built like a brick wall and is a legitimate martial arts expert. There's no reason that he shouldn't be a major marquee star. White has always circled the periphery of uber fame. In the late 90s, he starred as the classic Image comics character Spawn, and in 2008 White had a prominent role in The Dark Knight. And while those films are great, White's best performance, in my opinion, was his turn as the eponymous Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite was a loving, tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Blaxploitation films of Jim Kelly and Robert Hooks that probably inspired White to pursue martial arts. However, Black Dynamite isn't White's only brush with intentionally ridiculous action cinema.

In the video linked above, Michael Jai White's official YouTube channel shares a clip of him fighting Troma film superstar, the Toxic Avenger.