FCC finally moves against those Car Warranty robocalls

The FCC is closing a loophole that has, for years, several times a day, nearly every time my cell phone rang, allowed a Robocaller to tell me we need to chat about my car warranty. I, like hundreds of thousands if not millions of other American cellphone users, applaud this move.

Consumer Reports:

Many U.S. phone customers can get an alert when they receive an annoying robocall that their car warranty is about to expire–though the call still goes through. Now the Federal Communications Commission is moving to block the spam call altogether.

The agency announced that it has told eight small phone carriers that route the majority of these robocalls to stop sending them through. That means customers of the big carriers like Verizon and AT&T are less likely to get such robocalls.

Major phone carriers already have software that recognizes many legitimate phone numbers while weeding out or warning about suspicious numbers. While that has helped consumers to know which calls are spam, it hasn't significantly reduced the number of such calls.