"I run the county," Florida official in Ferrari tells cop in likely attempt to avoid speeding ticket (video)

In Florida, a state trooper pulled over a Ferrari going 92 mph in a 70-mph zone. The driver turned out to be Flagler County Commissioner Joe Mullins who responded to the officer's explanation of the speeding ticket he's receiving by saying: "I run the county, so I know how that works." After the cop finishes talking, Mullins speeds off. Earlier last month, Mullins was pulled over in a Mercedes-Benz SUV going 90 mph in a 60-mph zone. A police report from that incident states that Mullins was "extremely condescending, belligerent, illogical and disrespectful" and that he "flashed his business card to get out of ticket." From the New York Post:

[In the first incident,] the two troopers talk with Mullins, they go back to a patrol car where one trooper says, "He said he was a county commissioner," to which the other trooper replies, "Yeah, well, he's getting a ticket," according to footage obtained by the Daytona Beach News Journal.

The newspaper also reported the trooper who spoke to Mullins can be heard threatening to arrest Mullins at one point if he gets out of the SUV.

According to highway patrol dispatch notes obtained by the local outlet, Mullins "stated it would be a carrer [sic] ending move if I arrested him for failing to obey a lawful order."

Following both citations, Mullins wrote letters to the judge claiming that he was in a hurry and "was not paying attention to my speed nor the limit," according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.