Keep your cat entertained with this interactive balance toy

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As a pet owner and cat-lover, there's nothing you want more than to make your furry best friend the happiest and healthiest they can be. Although there are various cat-y toys on the market, many of them are non-interactive and don't serve many purposes after a short period of time. Instead of purchasing another forgotten toy to add to your collection, Pet Essentials has come up with a way to keep your cat engaged and healthy with the Interactive Balance Feather cat toy. 

The Interactive Balance Feather cat toy is the perfect combination of reactiveness and entertainment for your cat. With two wheels and a sturdy, plastic rod that has both a feather and ball tip, you'll definitely be able to keep your cat's attention for long periods of time. The wheels allow the rod to rotate 180 degrees vertically and 360 horizontally, while the ball and feather remain upright on the rod. This creates a constant back-and-forth game that'll keep your cat on its paws and make endless amounts of joyful playing time – even without you needing to be there. 

Additionally, this smartly made toy comes with a high-quality, built-in catnip ball that'll do the job of initially and continually attracting your cat back to the toy. Once they're locked into acquiring the catnip, it'll have them wanting to come back for more. This is a great toy to give to your cat when you leave the house or as a gift to a fellow cat-lover for playdates, and is now considerably discounted from its original price of $39.99 to just $18.99. 

Besides the amusement value and price, the Interactive Balance Feather cat toy also has health benefits for your pet. The give-and-take motion will have your cat regularly exercising and can even improve motor and cognitive skills down the line. It also reduces stress and anxiety for your pet, which can provide them with a happier and longer life span. 

Give your best friend the toy they deserve and will love with the Interactive Balance Feather cat toy, now available for $18.99

Prices subject to change.