Rochester cop parked in ambulance bay then roughed up EMT who dinged his car

A police investigator in Rochester, N.Y. parked in an ambulance bay, got angry when an EMT pulling in with an actual patient opened the ambulance door into his car, then roughed her up after she insisted on wheeling in the patient rather than deal with him. Footage from inside the emergency room shows the furious cop lunging at the EMT, pushing her against a wall, handcuffing her, then dragging her out of the hospital.

The incident happened on Monday.  The ambulance bay in front of the emergency room is typically reserved for ambulances only but the investigator was parked there, planning to go inside for a case.  Sources tell News10NBC that's when the EMT from Monroe Ambulance got out to unload the patient and hit the police car with her door. 

The investigator asked for identification but the EMT was intent on getting her patient inside first.  She kept moving with the man on a stretcher and when she was at the check-in desk, she was approached by the investigator, her arm pulled behind her back and cuffed before forcefully being taken outside to a police car.  

The EMT was released without charge after other officers arrived, reports WHEC News, and the investigator assigned to "desk duty" pending an "internal investigation."