Thieves return "haunted" Hello Kitty plushie stolen from scrapyard after fatal crash

In Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand, two thieves were caught on CCTV stealing a massive Hello Kitty plushie from a wrecked car. Late that night though, the same couple were seen on camera pulling up to the scrapyard and tossing the Hello Kitty on the ground before driving off. After considering all the possibilities, the scrapyard owner reasonably determined that the Hello Kitty must be "haunted" by the owner of the vehicle who died in the crash that totaled the car. Apparently, the proprietor's suspicion was correct. From The Thaiger:

Once the thieves were identified, they were asked about their motives. The woman said that the night she stole the Hello Kitty doll, she saw a shadow of a little girl in her bedroom. Then, she felt like something was choking her. The couple took the teddy back to the scrapyard straight away.