Woman spends $120K to reverse her $600K worth of plastic surgery to look like a Kardashian

Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers said it best in the band's song, She is Suffering. "Beauty is such a terrible thing," mused Edwards as he contemplated how poorly society treats women. Forced to adhere to insane beauty standards that brand basic human functions like growing body hair undesirable, women have to jump through several hoops to have the "perfect look." Considering that beauty is subjective, this ceaseless quest that society subconsciously compels women to embark on is as illusory as the image of perfection they're expected to chase. It's a horrific journey that leaves scars both physical and emotional. 

In the post linked above, Jennifer Pamplona, a former model, spent $120,000 to reverse the $600,000 worth of cosmetic surgery she underwent to look like a Kim Kardashian double. Even though the first set of operations was successful, Pamplona said she came to regret them when they became people's primary interest in her. She grew tired of people overlooking her personal accomplishments in favor of her curvaceous figure. 

And that is it for me today. I'm Devin Nealy, and I will leave you with Richey Edwards's words from a cut off the Manic Street Preachers album, The Holy Bible. Take it away.

Beauty finds refuge in herself

Lovers wrapped inside each others lies

Beauty is such a terrible thing

She is suffering yet more than death.