Amazon posts signs telling workers not to sign union cards

Brian Menegus at Engadget reports that Amazon has installed digital signage in at least one warehouse instructing workers "Don't sign and ALU card".

Photos of the new digital signage were sent to Engadget by an employee at the facility. Their presence was confirmed by a second employee, David, who claims to have been at the fulfillment center approximately since its opening in 2020. According to David (whose full name is being withheld for fear of retribution by his employer), the carousel of anti-union posters went up today and cycles between approximately seven different slides, each actively discouraging workers from signing a union card. "It's on a constant loop while people punch in and punch out of their shifts," he said, "[when] they go on their breaks, or they go on their lunch. Any time that we're going to be up towards the front."

A step up from the "think before you unionize"-type signage seen before.