Customize your room's vibes depending on your mood with this unique lamp

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Ambiance is key to making a room livable, but we've all struggled from time to time to hit the right note when it comes to enhancing the atmosphere of a space. Sometimes, no matter what decor you choose or how much rearranging you attempt, you fail to make the room quite right. Plus, it's not like we're always in the same mood: What we need and want out of our living spaces changes and shifts all the time. 

That's why the Ripple Floor Lamp is such an amazing decor purchase. This gorgeous and unique lamp is totally customizable — and you can change how it looks whenever you want. Here's how it works: The Ripple Floor Lamp comes with 16 million collar options and 358 kinds of light effects, plus it comes with a dimmer, so with the press of a button on the remote you can change the color and kind of light it's emitting. Want the space to have a more chill, low-key vibe? That's possible. Or would you rather make it feel like a party? Go for it. Whether you seek peace, inspiration, or energy, this lamp will give it to you.

It's also a lighting source you can feel good about using: It's energy-saving, using 90 percent less power than incandescent or halogen lamps. You don't have to worry as much about the environmental impact or, of course, your energy bill. 

The Ripple Floor lamp is light — only four pounds — and easy to move around, so you can even bring it into other spaces to experiment with the vibes there. You may decide it is better suited for your living room, the kitchen, or even an outdoor space!

Right now, the Ripple Floor Lamp is on sale — only $159.99 instead of $179.00. Considering you're able to completely transform the feel of your room in a second with this lamp that's a steal. Breathe new life into your room with the Ripple Floor Lamp now.

Prices subject to change.