Enthusiasm for teaser to The Munsters movie turns to horror after the first trailer is released

Last month I posted the teaser to Rob Zombie's forthcoming movie, The Munsters, based of course on the popular 60s TV show. Reaction to the teaser was largely positive. But then this full trailer dropped… and so did public opinion.

Some of the comments on YouTube:

What a terrible day to have eyes.

How did he manage to make it look cheaper than the original?

Why does this look like it was filmed in the MST3K studio?

It looks like a pilot that would've been rejected by Quibi.

Ultimately, as the below reaction video on Hats Off Entertainment reminds, it's a little unfair to speculate on a movie based on a trailer, and as Fred Gwynne's Herman points out in an included clip: "Let's not start scratching until we know where the fleas are biting," but count this old fan as itchy all over.