After backlash, LA Times quietly changes headline claiming Covid brain fog is a "mercy"

Today, Maximillian Alvarez tweeted some screen shots of a column in the LA Times by Mary MacNamara that was published on July 12, 2022.

In those screen shots, you can see that the original title of the piece was: "Column: COVID brain fog is real, and with everything everywhere happening at once, it's a mercy."

The description under the image on the article originally stated, "The silver lining of COVID's brain fog: A chance to detach from a burning world that even a vacation can't provide."

I couldn't believe it, why on earth would the LA Times be so careless and irresponsible? Why publish a piece that jokes about Covid brain fog and the potential debilitating effects of long Covid? Well someone at the LA Times must have heard the criticism spreading across Twitter, because they quietly changed the title of the piece to "Column: Covid was my vacation souvenir. The brain fog is all too real," and deleted the text under the image altogether.

Too bad they didn't re-write the URL to the article, however, because it still reads, in part, "/2022-07-12/column-covid-brain-fog-is-real-and-its-a-mercy". A mercy, huh?