These are the "Top 5 Hottest Birds in the Sky"

Do you know what the "Top 5 Hottest Birds in the Sky" are? Well, Paris Nicholson does, and graciously shares this important information with us. Watch this hilarious TikTok, where Paris describes the Top 5 Hottest Birds in the Sky and what makes them so hot. While all the birds are definitely hot, my favorite also gets the top spot on Paris's list – the Secretary Bird. I love the description Paris provides:

This viral sensation rose to prevalence about ten years ago when we saw her in this black cropped short, white Chanel boot combo, serving absolute leg in ways that we didn't even know was possible for birds. She's also giving lashes and kind of put bird lashes on the map, as well as having a vermillion smokey eye. When she walks, she has her hands behind her back because she's judging you for not being her. And she's actually so hot that some birds just fall out of the sky and die.

And if you love this video, you should follow Paris Nicholson on TikTok, where you'll find brilliant commentary (which is also surprisingly informative and educational) on all the hot things (Top 5 Hottest Fish in the Sea, Top 5 Hottest Pieces in Chess, Top 5 Hottest M&Ms, Top 5 Hottest Gays, Top 5 Hottest States by shape, Top 5 Hottest Fruits of All Fruit, and lots more). Paris sums up Hotness succinctly: "*~the rules of Hotness are simple & finite~* Be Hotter!"