Lego set for The Office available for pre-order

A proposal for The Office was submitted to Lego Ideas, and it quickly received the 10,000 supporters it needed to go into production.

From the website:

  • All 17 primary characters featured on the show (for more than 1 season) have been included in this set.  This is only a potential list of the mini figures that could appear in the set.
  • Each character's mini figure has a list of potential accessories
    • Michael – World's Best Boss Mug, Dundie, Santa Hat, Bandana
    • Jim – Jello Mold, Briefcase, Ring
    • Pam – Teapot, Painting Palette and Brush
    • Dwight – Beet, Bobblehead, Briefcase, Elf Hat, Pumpkin Hat
    • Angela – Cat (potential cat names include Bandit, Sprinkles, Garbage, etc)
    • Kevin – Candy Jar, Pizza, Taco, Chili Pot
    • Oscar – Money, Ice Skates, Calculator
    • Meredith – Slurpee Cup, Bottle of Dandelion Tea
    • Creed – Guitar
    • Andy – Guitar, Microphone
    • Phyllis – Knitting Needles, Knitting Basket, Teddy Bear from Bob Vance
    • Stanley – Pretzel, Crossword, Pie
    • Darryl – Hand Cart, Briefcase, Dunder Mifflin Paper Boxes
    • Toby – File boxes, Bow-tie, Book (Chad Flenderman novel?)
    • Kelly – Cellphone, Purse
    • Ryan – Cellphone
    • Erin – Camera, Phone