Man who strangled friend thought he'd "summoned Bigfoot to kill and eat him"

Here's a weird one.

I saw this strange spare tire cover—featuring a silhouette of Bigfoot against an American flag backdrop—as I was driving from Tucson to Phoenix this afternoon. It was oddly timely, too, as just last night I stumbled upon this very strange story about an Oklahoma man, Larry Doll Sanders, who recently killed his friend, Jimmy Knighten, because Larry thought Jimmy had summoned Bigfoot to kill and eat him. As The Daily Beast explains:

Larry Sanders, 53, stands charged with first-degree murder after allegedly admitting first to a family member and later to police to killing his noodling fishing partner Jimmy Knighten, who Sanders claimed wanted him dead by the hand of the mythical monster Bigfoot. Noodling is a popular fishing technique used in the southern United States to catch a fish by sticking one's hand in its mouth. 

The local sheriff, John Christian, told local media that Sanders "appeared to be under the influence of something" when he told police he had struck, strangled, and then drowned Knighten.