Meet Dexter, a spaniel who doesn't need his wheelchair anymore

Take a few minutes and watch this new installment of "On the Road with Steve Hartman," featuring Dexter, a Brittany Spaniel who lives in Ouray, Colorado. A few years ago Dexter got hit by a car. As a result of that accident, he lost one front leg completely and lost most of the use of his other front leg. He used a wheelchair for a little while but his owner soon discovered that Dexter had other plans. Instead of using his adaptive device, one day Dexter just started walking on his back legs. You have to see it to believe it! He's become quite a hometown hero, leading parades and delighting folks as he walks the streets of Ouray. Dexter's story is really quite incredible and inspiring, and he's just so freaking cute, scurrying around on those two back legs! Adorable! Enjoy! And after you watch the video, go follow him on his Instagram.