The wonderfully dark webcomics of Mr. Lovenstein

Webcomics have forever changed the landscape of comics. In older eras, talented and witty creators would have to claw their way into the Sunday funnies to garner any exposure for their funny comic strips. And even after earning a spot in a prestigious newspaper, there were still several content and language restrictions that limited an artist's expression. In today's world of webcomics, there are zero gatekeepers on any level. Comics like Cyanide and Happiness and the Perry Fellowship Bible have long been pioneers in webcomics with darker humor. Some of my favorite modern dark humor webcomics come from Instagram's Mr. Lovenstein

Mr. Lovenstein's comics are beautiful in their simplistic designs that look like a mature version of the Mr. Men characters. Mr. Lovenstein (who also goes by J. L. Westover) creates gags that range from tackling absurd humor in one strip to bizarrely grounded and relatable jokes in the next. If you need a solid laugh, browse through his comic strips on Instagram.