Report: 376 cops at Uvalde waiting, cowering and roughing up locals who wanted them to save the children

There were 376 cops lurking around last month's mass shooting of children and teachers at an elementary school un Uvalde, Texas, just one more grim fact reported in the Texas House's probe into the incident. Even the political hackwork intended to spread blame can't avoid damning them for "systemic failures and egregious poor decision making."

In total, 376 law enforcement officers — a force larger than the garrison that defended the Alamo — descended upon the school in a chaotic, uncoordinated scene that lasted for more than an hour. The group was devoid of clear leadership, basic communications and sufficient urgency to take down the gunman, the report says. Notably, the investigation is the first so far to criticize the inaction of state and federal law enforcement, while other reports and public accounts by officials have placed the blame squarely on Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District police Chief Pete Arredondo for his role as incident commander and other local police who were among the first to arrive.

The thick blue agglomeration.

Correction: 376, not "nearly 400". Replaced New York Post citation with one from Texas Tribune.