A cold case is solved with the old 'DNA on a coffee cup' trick

Straight out of a crime TV show, the DNA lifted from a discarded coffee cup has helped land someone in jail.

I wonder how often the lead investigator had to yell "Enhance!" as they examined the DNA on a big see-thru screen?

Daily Beast:

DNA has done it again and solved a murder case dubbed the "oldest cold case in the county," thanks to a discarded coffee cup. Lindy Sue Biechler was only 19 when she was sexually assaulted and stabbed 19 times in her apartment on December 5, 1975. Her husband, Philip, who was at work during the attack, said he believed the murderer was someone Lindy knew. Turns out, he was right. Almost five decades later it has been revealed her killer, David V. Sinopoli, had lived in the same apartment building as her. The 68-year-old has now been arrested and charged with criminal homicide. He is being held in prison without bail. Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams called it the oldest unsolved cold case in the county. "We are here today due to advances in DNA technology," she said. Officials used both DNA and immigration history to find a suspect and honed in on Sinopoli, following him until they could obtain a discarded coffee cup. It matched the DNA found on Biechler's pantyhose.