Comic legend Alex Ross gives us a peak behind the curtain ahead of San Diego Comic Con

Every field of art has its masters, and in the world of comics, Alex Ross is one of the medium's best. The inside of Alex Ross' studio must look like the superhero equivalent of the Sistine Chapel. For almost forty years, Ross' dynamic, photorealistic art has become one of the most iconic styles in the entire comic industry. Ross' work extended maturity to superheroes in the 90s, when the industry was riding high on a new wave of literary legitimacy following the 1980s. To this day, whenever a publisher needs to make a statement with a cover or promotional piece, you can bet the farm that Ross will be one of the first artists petitioned for the project. 

Although he primarily does covers, Ross is no stranger to the interior of a comic. Last December, Ross announced that he was writing and illustrating a new Fantastic Four book that releases in August. In an effort to hype the book and his upcoming appearance at the famed San Diego Comic-Con, Ross released a short video to share his progress on several forthcoming projects.