Get ready for giant Lego Bowser

If you ask most hardcore gamers, Nintendo is lagging behind Microsoft and Sony in terms of relevance. Despite being the oldest company in video games, Nintendo's focus on family-friendly games and IPs has alienated them from older gamers. However, even if they have since grown cynical, there was a time when every gamer loved Nintendo. The brand has a slew of memorable characters that are tethered to the heartstrings of even the most jaded, edge lord gamer. The mammoth sale figures for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, replete with Nintendo's most iconic characters, prove that no one ever really grows out of Nintendo. 

Nintendo's hold on gamers' hearts will be visible on the floor of San Diego Comic-Con as the company has teamed with Lego to create a giant Bowser comprised of 600,000 plus pieces. Fans might feign an apathy towards Nintendo, but I bet all that posturing will melt under the flashing lights of their selfies as they stand next to Lego Bowser. 

LEGO has unveiled a towering, 14-foot (4.3 meters) tall build of LEGO Super Mario's The Mighty Bowser. Dubbed The King-Sized Bowser, the gigantic, animated LEGO model will debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 before touring the world.

In a press release, LEGO introduced the "massive King of the Koopas" and said the "impressive feat" of LEGO engineering used approximately 663,000 bricks and took 3,290 hours to complete. "Bringing The Mighty Bowser to life in this unique representation was the natural choice and very much in line with what we offer in LEGO Super Mario," said Federico Bagher, Head of Global Marketing at the LEGO Group. "In our theme, we bring together interactivity and brick building. The same can be said of this king-sized version of Bowser, who is as ferocious as he is fun. We're excited to share it with everyone at Comic Con this year."