Jeff Bridges talks about his most iconic characters

Actors fall into two camps. One stratum of actors gets to occupy high-profile roles for a brief season of their careers. At the same time, other actors can retain their star power and relevance for decades. How they manage to keep their careers afloat depends on the actor in question. Sometimes an actor's career stays buoyant due to nepotism or having powerful alliances behind the scenes. However, some actors earn their spots with consistently brilliant work that makes their talent undeniable. If Jeff Bridges doesn't fit the description in the preceding sentence, I'm not sure who does. 

Across his lengthy career, Bridges showcased his acting chops several times over. From The Big Lebowski to Hell or High Water, Bridges' ability to craft memorable characters with unique mannerisms combined with deft attention to accents makes him one of the finest actors in the business. In the video linked above, Bridges sits with Vanity Fair's YouTube channel to discuss his most iconic roles.