The full trailer for Tekken: Bloodline showcases the future of animation

When 3D animation became the dominant style in Hollywood, many fans and animators believed that it was only a matter of time until 2D animation was gone for good. On the professional end, unless one was aiming for a career in character design for animated films, the utility of traditional 2D illustration seemed increasingly antiquated. However, the tide has recently begun to turn. The rise of shows and movies that merge 3D character models with 2D graphics for expressions has grown exponentially in the last two years. One could argue that Netflix popularized the style with their smash hit Arcane. Now, Netflix seems intent on doubling down on the new style with the first full trailer for Tekken: Bloodline

Aside from the gorgeously slick animation, the trailer provides a host of reasons for fans to get hyped for the show's debut. The story is set to follow the events of the wildly popular game Tekken 3. Even though the Tekken franchise is on its seventh numbered entry- not including the Tekken Tag series- the third game in the series is still arguably the most popular.