Woman finds intruder asleep on her sofa, 911 operator suggests waking him

In Winnipeg, Canada, Angela Chalmers woke up early on Monday to find an intruder asleep on her sofa. She quickly told her roommate and the two quickly hid in a closet and called 911. According to Chalmers, the 911 operator said that "the police were really busy and would we mind going downstairs and waking him up ourselves?"

From CBC:

Chalmers did mind. She and her roommate stayed upstairs until police arrived 20 minutes later and the pair ran downstairs and out of the house in the Earl Grey neighbourhood.

It took four officers to get the man out of her home after he woke up and became aggressive, she said.

Police say the incident is being reviewed and the 911 dispatcher who spoke to Chalmers has been provided feedback on the handling of the call, some of which deviated from standard practice, said Kelly Dehn, director of public affairs for the Winnipeg Police Service, in an emailed statement. 

"Feedback." LOL.