Beautiful 5-part a cappella version of The Beatles' "Blackbird"

The Real Group is a Swedish a cappella vocal quintet. Here they are performing The Beatles' classic "Blackbird."

So, what exactly is this song about? Thanks to the mercurial memory of Paul McCartney, the origin story has changed over the years. It was likely inspired by a black bird he heard while at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashram in India, or as a symbolic song of solidarity with African-Americans during the civil rights movement of the 60s. Or both. Whatever its source, it has always been haunting and beautiful.

This video was posted on Twitter by BB friend Steve Silberman. It was sent to him by David Crosby who knows a thing or do about gorgeous harmonies.

Thumbnail image: Deepak Sundar, CC BY-SA 4.0